Lerato Motsamai

Established in 2012 by Ms Lerato Motsamai, PETROLINK evolved into an emerging South African lubricant manufacturer developing, producing and distributing high-grade oils, greases, pastes and sprays for the automotive and nearly all industrial applications and manufacturing sectors. An emerging player that is carving its footprint alongside giants of the lubrication industry, PETROLINK is proud of its Proudly South African origin.

Known under the trademark “PETROLINK”, the company is a Black women-owned enterprise backed with 17 years petrochemical and corporate experience, and is focussed primarily in the energy sector. We have developed a proactive and complimentary range of products and business services which benefit our stakeholders, investee companies, strategic partners and industry partners as a whole. PETROLINK is a learning institution, and as our portfolio of products develops, so will our capabilities and services, driving our investments through exceptional performance through relationships, collaboration and stability.

Our degree of specialization, the high innovation rate and our first-class products are just a few reasons for the growing success of the PETROLINK brand in the market.