Rinaldo Naidoo

With a vision in mind and a clear cut objective Ecopearl was started in 2006, scouring the globe in the likes of Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Kuwait and China – researching and collaborating with companies in search of the answer to one question in the automotive industry.

How can we provide the best clean, whilst embodying the spirit of eco-green?

Developments by our engineers and insights from companies around the world, were able to provide the answers to this question – not only to the automotive industry – but in addition the marine, aviation, hospitality, catering, contract and industrial cleaning industries.

With such a broad range and a virtually unlimited audience, three independent divisions were born – Ecopearl Oceania, Ecopearl Oyster and Ecopearl Aqua. Sheer innovation, passion, ownership, unrivaled quality and exceptional customer service resonate throughout all divisions of Ecopearl.

These values have been cast into the company’s foundation, the benefits of which can be seen by:

  • Quality driven products that boost accreditations with the likes of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CE certification.
  • Technological advancements that include Nano Waterless technology, Vapour technology and patented energy saving technologies accredited by IEEPA and IES.
  • An Innovative first in the world mobile services with unrivaled benefits and results.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Our products, services and quality, rank us at the forefront of this industry. With passion and innovation ever so urging us forward, you can rely on Ecopearl to continuously exceed your expectations.