“Ethically produced African textiles and fashion, inspired by indigenous designs”.

Egoli Textiles, represents women sewing innovation and economic development together, still finding the time to place Africa on the map of artistic leaders.

A 100% female owned company, that has a wide range of products; from female fashion items to homeware that you can decorate your beautiful home with. Bright and bold, Sino is unmistakably a leading lady and we salute you.

Egoli Textiles create high-quality African design textiles, contemporary apparel, printed t-shirts and accessories inspired by the traditional African textile techniques. Their products are inspired by the rich cultural African background.

But wait, there’s more…

Sino also provides Digital Textile Design Training as part of the Egoli Textiles Design Group! You can kickstart your career as a digital textile designer or illustrator with Egoli Textiles. They will develop your skills and train you to be competent in digital African textile designs which are inspired by cultural textile designs from the continent.

Read more on their website @ www.egolitextiles.co.za

Carine de Swardt, Studio Manager @ SABS Design Institute