The SABS DI with our partners salutes women who are making strides in the entrepreneurial space.

Our design and innovation programmes are targeted at supporting and developing women owned businesses into sustainable businesses.

Women face more difficulties becoming entrepreneurs than men, there are a number of reasons:
• High domestic responsibility
• Lack of proper education
• Lack of Role models
• Lack of confidence on the ability to succeed

For every 10 male counter parts who become entrepreneurs only 7 females follow suit:
• 8.0% of Men become entrepreneurs
• 5.8 of Women become entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs excel in these sectors
• Manufacturing – 15%
• Business Services – 20%
• Tourism – 48%

Global Entrepreneur Monitor (2017). South Africa Report 2016/2017, Can small business survive in South Africa? [online] Cape Town: Global Entrepreneur Monitor, pp.31-33. Available at: [Accessed 10 Aug. 2018].

Carine de Swardt, Studio Manager @ SABS Design Institute