A Government perspective


Industrialisation: The key to growing the South African economy

The central task of Government is to bring about radical economic transformation. This objective has a number of dimensions but requires, among other things, that our industrial policy impact should be increased to the point that industrial development becomes a key driver of higher levels of growth, along a qualitatively different new growth path.

In pursuit of an industrial policy that has maximum impact the following should be in place: building on and expanding the infrastructure development programme; implementing a number of mineral beneficiation projects; pursuing active development integration on the African continent and re-positioning South African manufacturing in a continent that is itself seeking to industrialise; and creating a platform for more granular engagements with dynamic and leading companies.

In re-positioning South Africa’s manufacturing sector, productivity, structural change, technological progress and innovation will follow, and in turn, the growth in the manufacturing sector would result in economy-wide inclusive growth and employment creation.

Design plays a crucial role in manufacturing, and manufacturing forms the cornerstone of industrialisation. The SABS Design Institute is actively elevating design in this country to a place where it would be reckoned as an essential step in the manufacturing process.

Designing new things today that will change the world around us tomorrow.

Gavin Mageni, group manager of the Design Institute