Enter Now – Transnet Moving Ideas Competition

We’re on a search for South Africa’s most innovative entrepreneur and industry pioneers!

Between 10 August 2018 to 10 September 2018, you can submit your entries and stand a chance to work collaboratively with industry leaders and established designers across various industries to develop a quality prototype or grow your startup business.

The Importance of History

I believe that if you are looking for answers and solutions, the best place to look is at an organisation’s history.

Beware of getting married to your product idea

A bright idea lies at the root of any new product development. This idea should then be screened for viability and it is at this point where many entrepreneurs make the fatal mistake of getting married to their idea, trying to force it to work against all odds.

Design – Manufacturing – Industrialisation

Design plays a crucial role in manufacturing, and manufacturing forms the cornerstone of industrialisation. The SABS Design Institute is actively elevating design in this country to a place where it would be reckoned as an essential step in the manufacturing process.

“The Design Institute continues to contribute to the development of enterprises by facilitating the application of design innovation approaches to a range of socio-economic challenges.”





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